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In 2001 I was pleased to have the opportunity to work with internationally acclaimed performance artist, Bobby Baker, on a Wellcome Trust Sciart Award. These awards were made to promote imaginative and innovative interdisciplinary collaborations between artists and scientists. Our first project grew out of a common link to CBT. I have practised this form of therapy throughout my career and Bobby Baker has used CBT to help her deal with issues of her own. Our early collaboration is summarised as a chapter in 'Conversations on Art & Science' (Arends & Thackara, eds, 2003).

Bobby Baker turned to the subject of self-improvement and life-skills training, and made it the subject of a multi-media, theatrical event How to live which has had two runs at the Barbican Theatre in London (2004, 2006) and has been performed at the Newhaven International Festival of Arts and Ideas, Conn., USA (2005), in Australia and Germany, and also at other venues. This show is humorous and entertaining, with an ironic sub-text about the role of therapy in society at large.

A public debate was held at the Barbican Centre after one performance, chaired by Marina Warner, novelist, critic and cultural historian, and including Nikolas Rose and other speakers.

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Bobby Baker is now leading Daily Life Ltd, an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation. Daily Life Ltd aims to investigate and celebrate daily life and its limitations, promoting the abilities of people with personal experience of mental health issues through the arts, collaboration research and diverse participation. I was a trustee from 2012-2016. For their current projects, see:






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